Adult Koei-Kan Karate-Do

Koei-Kan Martial Arts Academy provides adult Karate classes and comprehensive martial arts training for students of all ages and levels of experience. Sensei Sharif Robles prides himself in creating a challenging and supportive environment perfectly suited for adults to develop and hone their skills and study, with top-quality equipment and well maintained facility to get the most out of your training. Contact us at Koei-Kan Martial Arts Academy today and let us show you all the services and resources we offer with our adult Karate classes and individual open floor development training.
Students have the option to participate in peak experiences through National events and specialty camps a few times a year.

Youth Karate: Bellevue Karate Kids

Koei-Kan Martial Arts Academy proudly offers kids Karate classes to provide your young ones with a fantastic outlet for building strength, endurance, focus, and confidence. Our kids Karate classes are supervised by Sensei Sharif Robles who has dedicated himself to helping raise children with a growth mind set and ability to think on their feet that is inherent to success in this time-honored style of self-defense. Contact Koei-Kan Martial Arts Academy today and we’ll show you all the resources and techniques we provide with our kids Karate classes and program.